Deathgasm (banner)

Summoning the Beast: Deathgasm (Film Micro-Review)

[As we are just about to run out the door to catch Soulfly at The Rickshaw tonight in Vancouver, this is a capsule review (all metalheads should see this film on general principle, anyway!)]

Deathgasm, 86 mins. Directed by Jason Lei Howden

Has everything one would expect from a b-movie production that worships the twin horns of metal and horror, and crams as many gore-soaked sight gags down the viewer’s throat as possible between send-ups of metal music, horror films, and the hopelessly awkward melodrama of role-playing games. Worst: editing is loose and choppy. Best: the sex toy demon battle, and repeated Beastwars sightings (t-shirt, jacket patch.)

NOTE: Only one screening remains as part of VIFF 2015: October 7, 4 pm at SFU Woodwards. Details here!