DARKEST HOUR w/ WARBRINGER, EXMORTUS - 9 December 2017 (Photo Gallery/Gig Review)

DARKEST HOUR w/ WARBRINGER, EXMORTUS – 9 December 2017 (Photo Gallery/Gig Review)

Guest contributor Milton Stille provides us with our first gig review of the year, revisiting one of the final shows of 2017 – stay tuned for our coverage of Vancouver’s Deathmas Festivus, coming soon – thanks again to Mr. Stille for his review and accompanying photos!

I’m still not sold on early shows. I get it that the club can generate more revenue by having the event early enough to still allow its regularly scheduled club night afterwards, but it usually just results in the opener playing to about 15 people. Now, you’d be on to something if there was a way to make the metal show all ages, but unfortunately BC’s archaic liquor laws effectively prohibit that.
I think I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen Exmortus play said opening slot, so it would be nice to see guys with their work ethic actually get their due.

On this tour, from my understanding, two of the guys from Warbringer were filling in for a couple of the guys. Now, it turns out that this iteration of Exmortus is going to be tracking their next album, so that was strangely fitting. They seemed to be having as much fun on stage as always, so props to these guys for coming to terms with a situation without so much as missing a beat.

I wasn’t familiar at all with Warbringer, but that was a hell of a first impression. There’s something to be said for a band that just owns it in the stage presence department, has fun, and looks good while doing it.

The last time I caught Darkest Hour was probably over a decade ago. I’d liken this show to having a beer with an old friend whose path doesn’t really cross with yours anymore – so much has changed, but deep down you’re still the same people. The emphasis on classic material was certainly noted, and I award them bonus points for not uttering a single clean vocal. Great night, until the show ended and they kicked us all out to let the club kids in.