Going to Another Moon: WINDHAND wsg HAGGATHA at Vancouver, 22 April 2017 (Photo Gallery / Gig Review)

WINDHAND at Fortune Sound Club, 22 April 2017

WINDHAND at Fortune Sound Club, 22 April 2017

Vancouver’s Fortune Sound Club doesn’t often host metal shows but we couldn’t have asked for a better venue in which to experience the warm, fuzzy doom of Virginia’s Windhand.

How and why this band has yet to be tapped to provide tour support for local heavy rock heroes Black Mountain remains a mystery to us – between the lush, mountainous grooves of Windhand tracks like “Kingfisher” and the ecstatic heavy psychedelia of closer “Winter Sun”, one can’t imagine a lineup with more transcendent rock potential…

…Unless it were also to include opener Haggatha. Something of a hybrid between Burning Witch and mid-song Old Man Gloom (as much as we appreciate OMG’s layered exercises in atmospheric tension-building it’s the meaty riffage that always brings us back for more), Haggatha‘s bi-polar lurching from groove to groove, accompanied by guttural bursts from its dual vocalists, makes for the quintessential live doom experience: a non-drowsy soporific-induced night terror that rivets one to the floor without a loss of consciousness.

As we’ve kept you waiting far too long for this show recap, let’s get to the photos already (click to enlarge):


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