Folking Up with TROLLBAND at The Waldorf Hotel (with Precious Dudes and Anarcheon, presented by Journeyman Productions), 12 February 2017

Trollband live at The Waldorf Hotel, Vancouver (12 February 2017)

Trollband live at The Waldorf Hotel, Vancouver (12 February 2017)

Last week the members of local folk metal horde Trollband ventured out from beneath their various bridges and cave-dwellings to regain their honour after an apparently rocky previous performance. In a humble show of good faith the ruffians waived admission fees and instead encouraged the audience to donate funds to the BC SPCA (a campaign enthusiastically endorsed by direct support act Precious Dudes, attired in cat and dog costumes during their own set.)

Opening the show to a rocky start presumably related to a very recent personnel shuffle, Anarcheon quickly recovered from some early fumbled notes to take their turn as the weekend’s first executive officers of sonic extremity, meting out judicious servings of melody and enmity.

Precious Dudes followed with a customary set of spirited glam-grind, punctuated by vocalist Phill’s Halford-esque wails and high-kicking calisthenics. It’s fair to say that the ‘Dudes are one of the most eclectic heavy music acts currently playing Vancouver’s club scene and one hopes that their disregard for convention helps them to achieve wider recognition as fearless purveyors of extreme music delivered with a playful sense of humour.

Trollband‘s closing set certainly made up for any past misdeeds, whipping the high-spirited crowd into an impressive folk metal frenzy the likes of which one has not witnessed since Finntroll’s last foray in Vancouver.

Without further ado (and thanks to Journeyman Productions) we turn now to our photographic record for the proof:


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