Photo Gallery / Gig Review: VOIVOD at Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver (wsg KING PARROT, CHILD BITE, THE HALLOWED CATHARSIS, and EXPAIN) 13 June 2016



June has been a VERY busy month as far as concert coverage goes but we’re starting to get caught up with photo galleries, beginning with this insane night at the Rickshaw. Those arriving late or solely for the touring acts missed out on top-notch, high-energy performances from Expain and The Hallowed Catharsis – phenomenally talented bands both! Child Bite and King Parrot were equally compelling, delivering nonstop madness and relentless sonic assaults, and Voivod‘s closing blast was a crowd-pleasing set of old and new material, all of which presented with the band’s trademark modesty and congeniality.  A great start to the summer concert season for heavy music in Vancouver!

[Click to enlarge photos]


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