Photo Gallery: SUFFOCATION (w/ Cattle Decapitation, Dead Cross, Toxic Holocaust, Intronaut, Archspire and Scale the Summit) at Modified Ghost Festival, 9 April 2016

Suffocation (banner)

Few death metal bands are as worthy of the adjective “brutal” as Suffocation, the veteran Long Island executioners headlining last weekend at the Rickshaw Theatre’s Saturday night installment of Modified Ghost Festival. Naturally the highlight of the evening was former Slayer skinsman Dave Lombardo’s new project Dead Cross making its Vancouver debut, but every act on the lineup put on an excellent set, from openers Scale the Summit through to Dead Cross’ fellow San Diegans, Cattle Decapitation (stay tuned for our comprehensive festival review, coming soon…)

Without further ado, on to the photos (and remember: click to enlarge)!



Cattle Decapitation:


Dead Cross:


Toxic Holocaust:






Scale the Summit:



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