Photo Gallery/Gig Review: Dead Asylum w/ Saints of Death, Revenger, Without Mercy and Exterminatus at Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver (11 March 2016)



Friday’s bloodbath of local death metal delivered the sort of extreme bludgeoning goodness that one has come to expect from Vancouver’s exceptional horde of metal talent. Beginning with Exterminatus‘ breathtaking technical proficiency, the crowd was treated to an impressive display of musicianship throughout the show, particularly Revenger‘s breakneck thrash and the meaty riffage of Dead Asylum. Without Mercy played the strongest set that one has witnessed to date from the Abbotsford-area butchers, perhaps bolstered by a strong and vocal show of fan support.

While a fan of bass-centric Saints of Death and appreciative of the always-engaging performances by Phill Henry (guitar) and Stony Gingras (bass), one would prefer that the band saves future video productions for a headlining show, to minimize changeover time between sets and maintain momentum for the other bands on the lineup (a lengthy intermission following their performance delayed the start of Dead Asylum’s closing set until five minutes before midnight.)

For those who missed the show (perhaps in favour of the Disturbed gig at the Commodore), both Exterminatus and Saints of Death will appear on The Red Room’s stage next Wednesday for the third local qualifying round [ ] of Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2016.)


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