Photo Gallery/Gig Review: ZUCKUSS with CADAVERIC LIVIDITY and VACUUS at Funky Winkerbeans, Vancouver (13 February 2016)



What better way to spend the evening before Bloody-Hearts-and-Chocolates Day than to witness a live, vomit-spewing performance by Vancouver’s Star Wars-obsessed pornogrind berserkers, Zuckuss? (The question is rhetorical, padawans – the only way to enrich such an experience is to include openers Cadaveric Lividity and Vacuus on the lineup, which made a perfect storm of Midichlorian-rich depravity.)

The dual-vocalist monstrosity commonly known as Cadaveric Lividity did not fail to deliver a blistering set of frenetic death metal just as intense as its Diecemberfest set at the Rickshaw despite the current absence of a bassist (and, as the venue’s corner stage offers a perfect panoramic configuration to maximize audience engagement, the absence of a sixth member afforded its vocal duo more room to move.)

By contrast, the members of Vacuus were largely stationary throughout their set, clearly focused on the delivery of their progressive brand of spacy death metal vaguely reminiscent of Nocturnus. The static placement of the trio would have diminished audience enthusiasm less if not served in combination with vocalist Sasha Chrosciewicz’s persistent and sobering commentary on drunk driving – which is not to suggest that the message was unwelcome (its relevance is indisputable, particularly at a metal show) but a more varied conversational approach may have better maintained the energy in the room.

All of this was forgotten, of course, by the time Zuckuss drummer Boss Jass blew chunks between songs and, admirably, played on unphased (the casual, relaxed vibe maintained by the entire band while they perform their spastic hymns to Star (Wars) Porn is always entertaining to witness but was especially amusing under the circumstances.)  No word yet on new material, but one hopes that the recent launch of new Star Wars adventures will soon inspire fresh songs of galactic turpitude from Vancouver’s favourite nerf-herders. \m/


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