Photo Gallery/Gig Review: ENFORCER w/ WARBRINGER, CAULDRON, EXMORTUS, DEAD ASYLUM & TORREFY at the Rickshaw, 30 January 2016

The resurgence of interest in metal’s past seems to have spawned an entire generation of revivalist bands with the enthusiasm and energy to not only rejuvenate the hallowed subgenres they admire but to fortify the very foundations of metal. Saturday’s show at the Rickshaw provided a wealth of classic/traditional heavy metal and thrash, performed with such bracing intensity that it would likely cure Ozzy’s acute sinusitis outright (in fact, Cauldron‘s set was particularly noteworthy for the guest appearance by Enforcer‘s Olof Wikstrand, who provided vocal reinforcements for Jason Decay, still recovering from laryngitis.)



Judging by audience reaction, Exmortus‘ set was the indisputable highlight of the night – a non-stop heavy artillery thrash assault decimating all (but which evidently only fueled guitarist Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez’s bloodlust, as he performed double duty for Warbringer‘s set.) Honourable mention to locals Dead Asylum and Torrefy, each of which played a strong, focused set that suggests great things for metal in Vancouver and Victoria this year. \m/


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