Photo Gallery: TYRANTS BLOOD w/ Körperlose Stimme + Assimilation at Funky Winkerbeans, Vancouver (17 October 2015)


Tyrants Blood

Perhaps it was the merciless assault of Tyrants Blood, the bleak cold howling of Körperlose Stimme, or else Assimilation’s contaminated death metal, who “put the ‘ass’ in Assimilation!”, but the customary seasonal cold one expects to contract at this time of year has lingered for so long that nearly two weeks have elapsed since this show at Funky Winkerbeans (apologies to all of the bands for the delay!)

After experiencing the frenzied chaos of their set at the Rickshaw for Nothing is Heavy’s three-year anniversary show in April, seeing Tyrants Blood within the smaller confines of Funky Winkerbeans was a vastly different show. While lacking the bloodlust of the Rickshaw audience, the modest crowd at Funkys was privileged to witness a stronger performance from Vancouver’s veterans of relentless, brutal speed metal, one which blistered with focused intensity. Albertan kultists Körperlose Stimme delivered a frigid storm of black metal accompanied by the bleakest wrawls of vocalist/guitarist Verteidigung Frostkeit, preceded by opening death-dealers Assimilation, whose old school riffage shredded the enthusiastic crowd.

Without further delay, the photos:


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