Photo Gallery: 30 Years of Tour-ment with GWAR (wsg Battlecross + Cryptopsy) at The Commodore, Vancouver (16 October 2015)


Celebrating its 30th anniversary and all of the challenges the band has faced throughout the years, GWAR returned to Vancouver last Friday to reveal to a capacity crowd its greatest adversary yet: the internet.

“I think my grandma blew the bass player,” read a tweet displayed from two screens onstage, accurately demonstrating the fickle power of the cyber-beast, which taunted the band with cat memes, “Fistbook” posts, and the pitfalls of internet dating. A creature ostensibly related to former front-thing Oderus Urungus made brief appearances during the show, confusing band members by its resemblance to the legendary Oderus, but it is uncertain whether or not it ultimately survived its encounter with the band.

Supporting acts Battlecross and Cryptopsy dutifully raised expectations with two stellar opening sets of dizzying thrash and brutal, genre-defying technical death metal respectively, the latter particularly deserving of praise for its continued survival as an entirely independent extreme metal band in Canada.

Gwar’s 30 Years of Total World Domination tour continues


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