Photo Gallery: “He Who Has Eyes to See, Let Him See” – ELUVEITIE w/ The Agonist + Martina Edoff at Vogue Theatre, Vancouver (22 September 2015)



After Dutch symphonic metal powerhouse Epica was forced to cancel the remainder of its North American tour dates due to a family emergency, Swiss tourmates and Vancouver folk metal favourite Eluveitie stepped into the breach, expanding their nightly set to a whopping two hours and adding an acoustic mini-set of traditional acoustic folk music to an already epic setlist. The squad of eight filled the Vogue stage with a fast-paced set in three parts (metal, traditional folk, metal) yet never appeared to be so much as winded by the musical melee.

Flanked by tracks both from their extensive back catalogue and from their most recent release Origins, (the first line of which begins, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear; for this is a tale of an ancient kind”), the mini-set of traditional folk music provided a firsthand demonstration of music’s longevity: passed down from one generation to the next for countless ages, folk music still has the power to spur a crowd of 21st-century metalheads to stomp their feet, clap their hands and join together in a massive circle dance.

In light of this impressive performance, we’ve produced a massive photo gallery from the show, including German hard rock opener Martina Edoff and Montreal metal asskicking machine The Agonist (see below.)

And check in later this week for our interview with Eluveitie frontman, Chrigel Glanzman!




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