Photo Gallery: BOG (Album Release Show) + Brass + Hallux + Olde Worlde Nudists (19 September 2015)



As demonstrated during their CD release show at Vancouver’s Hindenburg last Saturday, BOG‘s brand of sludgy doom has ripened over time, veined with murky chaos and wrapped in odiferous clouds of vaporized fog juice (photographically represented here with amplified light exposure).

Grooving riffage rolled in on wisps of feedback and theremin to be bludgeoned by Poib Fehr’s bombastic drumming, then slashed through by the emphatic guttural utterances of vocalist Johnny Matter. BOG’s uncanny ability to lurch from riff to riff in Jesus Lizard-like fashion without losing its footing (excepting one instance of kit-toppling on the crowded stage) is impressive and one hopes the band will continue to develop their distinctive approach.

With support from the punchy snarl of Brass, encrusted death of Hallux and the loudest psych-doom outfit in Vancouver, Olde Worlde Nudists, the event boasted one of the most engaging all-local lineups witnessed this year outside of the Wacken Metal Battle programming. A great show that bodes well for the future of BOG. \m/


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