HOLY SH%T, KING PARROT! (Photo Gallery: Cattle Decapitation + King Parrot + Black Crown Initiate + Dark Sermon + Zuckuss at Vancouver, 18 September 2015)

King Parrot

King Parrot

Cattle Decapitation never fails to deliver provocative and progressive music and the current tour to support their latest full-length The Anthropocene Extinction is ample proof of the San Diego outfit’s continued reign as lords of grind; aside from the thrilling opportunity to witness Anthropocene tracks performed live, however, the show-stealing highlight of their recent stop at Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre was delivered by the avian Australian lunatics of King Parrot, whose antics invited enthusiastic onstage audience participation (not pictured: a shoulders-high wedgie to the gentleman who tried to run off with vocalist Youngy’s leg) and general mayhem one has not witnessed since Napalm Death’s in-store appearance at HMV Superstore Toronto. (The first half of the show demonstrated the benighted invocations of Black Crown Initiate and sage-smudged rituals of Dark Sermon, prefaced by depraved Star Wars sabotage at the sticky hands of local pornogrind masters, Zuckuss.)

(With thanks to C.T. for being a good sport.) 🙂


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