Photo Gallery: Unleash the Archers + Iron Kingdom + Omega Crom + Medevil at Venue, 30 July 2015

We can’t get enough of Unleash the Archers, but with upcoming tours of Asia and North America taking their superior brand of heavy metal to the rest of the world, we weren’t about to miss what may be their last local show until Halloween. The evening also marked the release of Iron Kingdom’s new album, and the beginning of a cross-country tour. However, while the band was subsequently en route to Calgary, a road accident has since damaged their tour van; fortunately no one was hurt, but the tour’s prognosis necessitates a crowdfunding transfusion, to which concerned fans can donate here. Omega Crom were the evening’s heroes, valiantly enduring a set fraught with technical difficulties, and yet maintaining their composure throughout. Openers Medevil unveiled a new song, a new element to their stage show (vocalist Liam Collingwood’s monastic hooded robe), and, at the merch table, a new t-shirt design, but the highlight of the set was once again their blistering cover of Metallica’s “Creeping Death”. All in all, a great midsummer night’s mosh. \m/




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