Photo Gallery: CROWBAR + BATTLECROSS + LORD DYING at The Rickshaw, Vancouver

New Orleans sludgelords Crowbar always deliver megalithic riffage, but the solid procession of support acts last Wednesday at The Rickshaw laid before the assembled crowd an impressive foundation of tunes worthy of the riffmasters. Without Mercy delivered the opening payload of raw death metal, followed by Bog’s smoke-enshrouded mesh of grooving extremity and the razor-wire thrash of Terrifier. Portland’s Lord Dying dropped a metric ton of riffing metal on an appreciatively crushed audience (check back later this week for our interview with Lord Dying guitarist/vocalist Erik Olson) and paving the way for thrash innovators Battlecross (playfully dubbed “Bordercross” by Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein, after the group’s tedious experience entering the country earlier in the day), who cranked the tempo up to frenzy before the Louisiana steamroller that is Crowbar demolished all.


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