Photo Gallery – Conquerors of the World Tour: Septicflesh + Moonspell + Deathstars + Saints of Death



Uniting three exceptional metal bands from disparate regions of continental Europe, the Conquerors of the World tour brought to Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre: Greek symphonic death dealers Septicflesh, Portuguese goth metal veterans Moonspell, and Swedish industrial rock squad Deathstars. Local support from Saints of Death established the tone for the evening with an energetic and enthusiastic opening set, illuminated with rare additional spotlights (very much appreciated by photographers) for a live video shoot of their performance. Deathstars’ confident display of showmanship marked an explosive Vancouver debut and proved their rock mettle to local fans young and old. Costumed dancer Mahafsoun‘s striking guest appearance alongside Moonspell provided the visual highlight of the evening, surpassing even the Hellraiser-inspired costume of Septicflesh vocalist Spiros Antoniou. And, despite the apparent absence of orchestral/synth accompaniment, Septicflesh delivered their brand of musical brutality along with crowd favourites “Prometheus” and “Titan”, ultimately conquering all.

(Special thanks to The Invisible Orange for last-minute admission assistance!)


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