The Great Decay: One Final Night of Metal Glory at Funky Winkerbeans (w/ The Mountain Man, Hashteroid, Killing Machine, and Hallux), 4 November 2016



The past week has already tested Vancouver’s heavy music scene on two counts: promoter Wendy13’s Thrashers staged its last show at Funky Winkerbeans and Apocalypse Sunrise promoter Johnny Matter abdicated his fog-enshrouded throne as the frontman of Bog (check back on Friday for a gig review/photo gallery from that show); but last night’s lunacy south of the border was…well, we’re disappointed, but sadly unsurprised. Moving on (because what else can one do?), four bands contributed their time and talent to Friday’s show as part of a fundraiser for local metalhead and occasional merch person Eileen Davidson, whose recent diagnosis of multiple forms of arthritis has created a challenging predicament for the single mom.

Pictured (L to R): Invisible Orange promoter Abelardo Mayoral-Fierros, Eileen Davidson, and an unnamed raffle winner at Funky Winkerbeans, 4 Nov 2016.

Pictured (L to R): Invisible Orange promoter Abelardo Mayoral-Fierros, Eileen Davidson, and an unnamed raffle winner at Funky Winkerbeans.

Each band in turn thanked Wendy and her staff for their contributions to Vancouver’s live music scene and expressed their support for Eileen’s plight. Davidson spoke briefly about her condition and the challenges she faces but those interested can follow her Facebook page Chronic Eileen for more info.

It’s been over a year since we last caught Hallux live and the band has evidently upped their game during the interim by regularly playing shows (we regret missing the Prints of Darkness two-year anniversary shindig last month); its performance was a finely-tuned engine of sonic chaos and we look forward to the band’s set at Diecemberfest VIII next month.

Judas Priest tribute act Killing Machine‘s appearance was yet another swan song, the band having previously announced that this was to be their final performance; fortunately the band’s seamless set of classic Priest tunes did justice to their idols and left the audience wanting more (very specifically “Painkiller” – the higher register of which one suspects their bassist could have delivered – but it was not meant to be.)

Although this reviewer had hoped to catch Hashteroid earlier in the year, this was the first opportunity one has had to see them perform and their set seemed too brief to properly digest their material, so suffice it to say their support slot on the Black Breath / Black Wizard New Year’s Eve show is eagerly anticipated.

Finally, The Mountain Man launched another legendary alpine assault on Vancouver which photos barely begin to capture; fortunately their “Bloodlust” EP is now available via Bandcamp and they, too, will be performing at Diecemberfest.

Thrashers events will continue at other Vancouver venues but Funky Winkerbeans’ role as an important local live music venue has reached its end and, like rational thought in America, we are sad to see it go.


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