The Crackwhore with the Cocaine Moustache Regrets Shit Talkers (at Pat's Pub, 27 January 2017) Photo Gallery / Gig Review



After a mere week of absurdity from our new presidential neighbour to the south we were more than ready for Friday night’s raucous shindig and a bit of cunning wordplay (thanks to White Willie Sniffsum for our title.)

Although they’ve been around for a few years Friday was the first opportunity this reviewer has had to witness a performance by The Shit Talkers. Their brand of catchy, spirited punk kicked off the show on a positively upbeat note (and the rah-rah choruses, with vocal contributions from all four band members, was a pleasant surprise for one accustomed to seeing metal bands with, at most, one backup growler.)

As the rookie act of the lineup, Regrets cranked distortion to 10 for a frenetic set of “dirty metal”. Their music sounds like a thrash interpretation of The Jesus Lizard that is fast, heavy and raw yet devoid of “brootal” pretense. (For those who have yet to catch them live, the band recently released their debut album Work Hermit on Bandcamp.)

Cocaine Moustache never fails to entertain and one wonders how this rolling party machine has yet to be whisked away by either an L.A. record label or a cartel looking for a house band. In any case,  this is one band that must be experienced live, period. (The quintet will be recording new material shortly so stay tuned for updates.)

Finally, Crackwhore remains one of Vancouver’s best-kept musical secrets: grindcore at its best! On the drums of untimely and indecent death, BitchSlapper offers unparalleled rapid-fire brutality while vocalist Regurgitator dishes out various witticisms between the growls and the gurgles, rounded out by the maniacal stringed traumas of MisterNasty and Violator.

Naturally, auditory chaos of this calibre is bound to create controversy by its offense of the public’s delicate sensibilities; so, in a move that the new U.S. government would be wise to duplicate, the band thoughtfully provided ready-made protest signs for the audience to effectively express their indignation onstage. (No animals were harmed during the proceedings but one drunken cretin was rightfully ejected for lacklustre moshing.)

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