Summer Concert Highlights: EYEHATEGOD at Vancouver (with Unroot, Waingro, and Erosion),16 August 2018

Summer Concert Highlights: EYEHATEGOD at Vancouver (with Unroot, Waingro, and Erosion),16 August 2018

Summer 2018 presented several challenges here on the factory floor but we will gradually catch up over the fall and winter, beginning with this concert recap by guest contributor and Vancouver correspondent, Milton Stille. – Ed.

Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, August 16th, 2018

Shows like this are a rare treat. While Eyehategod made an appearance earlier in the year in a supporting role, there’s a world of difference when such a band is headlining.

Locals Unroot slapped the soiree off with their style of blackened metal onslaught. I’m glad I finally got to catch these guys – it seems they usually only play when I can’t make it. A solid performance that was sadly missed by many attendees on the account of it being a weeknight, and consequently an early start to the show. Guess these guys are just going to have to play more often.

It boggles my mind to think that Waingro aren’t a household name by now. They do everything right. They play hard, fast, and tight, they play stoner riffs with the passion of hardcore. I have seen this band play at least 20 times by now, and am yet to see them disappoint. A highlight of this set was a guest appearance by Andrew Drury in the full attire from his role in guitarist Brian Sepanzyk’s critically acclaimed horror short, Compulsion, for the song to which he loaned his voice on the last record.

Erosion are a band that always absolutely destroys. While I would usually poke fun at the fact that it’s been forever since they released any new material, their debut full-length has now officially been announced, on the illustrious Hydra Head Records, no less. Stay tuned, you’re all fucked when October rolls around.

There’s really no adequate way in which one could introduce Eyehategod. The founding fathers of sludge, for lack of a better description, have shaped the realm of metal like no others before them. While attendance at the venue was sparse earlier in the evening, seeing the room filled by the time they hit the stage was positively reaffirming. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening.

All photos: Milton Stille