Civil Scum Resistance Rituals

Rhythmic Noise: A Timely Soundtrack to Resistance

The Civil Scum Resistance stroller, ready for action at Spartacus Books

The Civil Scum Resistance stroller, ready for action at Spartacus Books

As one of the more transgressive areas of electronica, rhythmic noise has disrupted the somatic feel-good ideology of dance music for the past 20 years. Spearheaded by labels such as HANDS Records and Ant-Zen, the genre takes a concrete saw to club culture and erects a scaffold of static and distortion in the middle of the street to challenge the complacent flow of contemporary urban life. It may have a beat you can dance to but, as with other unruly forms of art, rhythmic noise defiantly agitates against convention.

Civil Scum Resistance Rituals (CSRR) is an attempt to bring rhythmic noise to the increasingly gentrified streets of Vancouver, where karaoke nights supplant live music shows and the city’s affordable housing crisis has forced countless creatives and music afficionados alike to relocate away from the downtown core. Despite its legacy as the origin of seminal Canadian industrial acts Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly, Vancouver currently exhibits a disturbing lack of protest against vapid norms that throttle creativity and diversity.

Below is the first hour of the inaugural CSRR DJ set, performed live last month from a discarded baby stroller at Vancouver’s longstanding anarchist bookstore, Spartacus Books, and featuring tracks new and old from the aforementioned rhythmic noise labels HANDS Records and Ant-Zen. Given today’s Canadian post-Xmas holiday tradition of consumer excess otherwise known as Boxing Day, I hope you enjoy this soundtrack to resistance.

– Shane Lange, Editor

Track listing:

  1. Converter, Asche, and Morgenstern – Gray Formicular
  2. Greyhound – Chasing Smoke
  3. Hypnoskull – Operation Tough Guy
  4. Feindflug – Machtwechsel
  5. 100blumen – Silence in Times of Rage and Suffering
  6. Genevieve Pasquier – Warm Leatherette
  7. Asche – Kiss the Whip
  8. Greyhound – Schnappstahl
  9. Orphyx – Black Box
  10. Gatto Nero – A Drum
  11. Geistform – Magnetometer (Valve Remix)
  12. S.K.E.T. – Alternative Facts
  13. Proyecto Mirage – I Like to Collect
  14. SaturmZlide – Distorted Rainbow with Crushed Ice