Pyramidion at SBC Vancouver

Photo Gallery/Gig Review: PYRAMIDION w/ Tribune, Craters, and Olde Worlde Nudists at SBC Vancouver, 27 Aug 2016

Pyramidion at SBC Vancouver

Pyramidion at SBC Vancouver

It’s been a while since we’ve caught these bands live (and our first ever experience seeing Tribune), which raises the bar of one’s expectations as each act has had time to rehearse and refine their performances since their previous shows, but from start to finish this lineup did not disappoint.

Olde Worlde Nudists remains one of the loudest bands in Vancouver and their brand of sludgy psychedelic doom brought the proceedings to a rolling boil early on, stirred at regular intervals by Levente Reti’s airy flute passages reminiscent of Bardo Pond.

Craters continue to impress with its instrumental, organic brand of spacey doom, which is either informed by a profound love of improvisation or else is written with a highly intuitive songwriting style; perhaps both, but in any case their throbbing riffage floats like a satellite moored in the gravity well of a massive celestial body. Coalesced in its new configuration with the addition of bassist Anne Emberline, the band delivered a virtually continuous meteoric shower of dynamic and incendiary material.

Without a previous frame of reference to compare, one can say that Tribune delivered a no-nonsense set of chugging metal at the sweltering far end of SBC’s half-pipe (and kudos to Jason Brown for pulling double-duty on drums for both Olde Worlde Nudists and Tribune.)

Pyramidion’s Egyptophilogical brand of death metal always makes for a good show: between the hyper-dimensional xenomorphic gesticulations of vocalist Kyle Scott and the brutal rhythm section of Greg Nicholls (guitar) and Ryan O’Shea (bass), guitarist Adam Repetowski and drummer Max Matthews deliver ancient melodic evil with surgical precision.

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