Photo Gallery/Gig Review: CRADLE OF FILTH with BUTCHER BABIES + NE OBLIVISCARIS at Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver (24 February 2016)



Wednesday’s Cradle of Filth show may have had more than its share of admittance complications at the door but given the event’s solid lineup it came as no surprise that the queue of eager fans would stretch down the block from the Rickshaw Theatre and around the corner onto Main Street.

Although a number of Ne Obliviscaris fans remained trapped in the slow-moving queue throughout the opener’s set, those who did catch the Australian sextet’s performance were emphatic in their demand for an encore (sadly which, due to time constraints, could not be obliged.) Tim Charles (violin, clean vocals) graciously acknowledged the crowd’s enthusiasm and swore that the band would return “very soon”.

Butcher Babies exploded with a stunning high-energy set that saw dual vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey whipping back and forth across the stage, inciting the crowd to roar its appreciation throughout (and kudos to all the gentlemen in the pit who remained on their best behaviour when Shepherd joined them for one last mosh during the final song.)

Cradle of Filth demonstrated remarkable durability as its members performed a lengthy set spanning the entire breadth of the band’s 25-year reign. Frontman Dani Filth’s stoic poise throughout belied his spirited between-song chatter, which evidenced the British vocalist’s razor-sharp wit, while keyboardist/vocalist Lindsay Schoolcraft’s performance provided a classically Romantic counterpoint, sorcerously swaying like a hexing enchantress over her fascinating curved synth keyboard.

Having seen similarly conservative movement by Septicflesh’s costumed frontman Spiros “Seth” Anton, one can’t help but conclude that Filth’s live wardrobe must feel like wearing a double broiler onstage. Of course the visual effect is impressive, however one would prefer to see a more animated performance than this sort of costuming seems to allow.

Overall, a strong show with solid performances from start to finish. \m/