Photo Gallery: Over the Coals + Brimstone + My Own Chaos + Apprentice at Funky Winkerbeans, 11 July 2015.

Susie Myers, Over the Coals

Susie Myers, Over the Coals

Friday provided an opportunity to catch up with a couple more competitors from the various rounds of this year’s Wacken Metal Battle, specifically My Own Chaos and Brimstone (the latter of which also launched their first EP at this weekend’s show), and to experience live sets by opening act Apprentice and headliners Over the Coals.

The inventive brand of power thrash tendered by Apprentice demonstrated its guitarists’ technical proficiency by their confident execution of complex progressions while vocalist Cody Henderson dutifully channeled the spirit of 80s power metal vocalists through his performance. Putting a few more shows under their belts will likely refine the band’s overall approach and bring all the parts into alignment.

One may not clearly recall all the details now, as several months have passed since the band’s Metal Battle performance in March, but this weekend it seemed that My Own Chaos vocalist Connie Chaos demonstrated much more of her impressive death metal vocal prowess – perhaps they had played a shortened set at Metal Battle to maintain the evening’s timetable? – but Friday’s set certainly left one wanting more.

The launch of Brimstone‘s eagerly-awaited EP Blood Soaked Earth and accompanying showcasewas a notable highlight of the evening, and Over the Coals stoked an already smoking show to full-blaze – that said, check out the photos below!