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Photo Gallery: New Year’s Eve 2015 with YOB + BISON + ASTRAKHAN at Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver

Ultimately, time itself is the headliner of every New Year’s Eve concert, so it takes a special kind of band to hold its own against one of the fundamental concepts by which we measure our lives. On this night at the Rickshaw, however, Father Time never stood a chance.

2015 met its end beaten to a sludgy, riff-induced pulp; first incapacitated by the whirling progressive sludge of Astrakhan and then trampled by Bison‘s mighty cloven hooves. Shortly after midnight, Portland’s YOB delivered a mammoth 90-minute set of the band’s transcendent heavy music to mark the beginning of the new year.

Of all the shows we attended in 2015, this night’s performances (and expertly-curated DJ sets, courtesy of Johnny Matter and Ben Frith) were incomparable. Our thanks to local promoter Modified Ghost for dutifully crafting the year’s best lineup, and to all of the bands and staff at the Rickshaw for an unforgettable evening.