Photo Gallery: Hyperthrashing fun with NYLITHIA + GROSS MISCONDUCT + EXPAIN + BLACKED OUT + CADAVERIC LIVIDITY (and special comedy guest Mark Hughes)

Playing to a capacity crowd at the subterranean Media Club last Saturday, Nylithia successfully launched their new recording Hyperthrash – possibly into another dimension, as the photo below might suggest (the technical limitations of low-light photography produce a lot of surreal motion blur; but vocalist Kyle Scott always seems to make it work for him.*)


NYLITHIA: Hyperkyle

Impressive high-energy opening sets from Cadaveric Lividity and Expain (who rival King Parrot in their zany antics, which included lost sandwich ownership inquiries and the occasional quasi-burlesque moment from vocalist Sean Ip), and strong support from their more stalwart counterparts in Blacked Out and Gross Misconduct, collectively made for a great show – which also included the brave comedic interludes of Mark Hughes (whereas, for instance, KEN Mode tourmate and comedian Garret Jamieson forcibly subdues a concert crowd with rapid-fire short bits to focus attention, Hughes takes a more leisurely approach, which evidently necessitates the dodging of an occasional projectile.)

*TECHNICAL NOTE: Given aforementioned lighting conditions, time limitations (thank you, Translink) and crowd capacity, there were a limited number of clear images to work with for Nylithia’s set; however, don’t let that stop you from buying Hyperthrash immediately.)