MELVINS w/ SPOTLIGHTS at Venue, Vancouver 14 July 2017 (Photo Gallery/Gig Review)

MELVINS w/ SPOTLIGHTS at Venue, Vancouver 14 July 2017 (Photo Gallery/Gig Review)

MELVINS: No one with a good car [or a guitar] needs to be justified

There are two things one has come to expect from a Melvins show: The opening acts are never a disappointment and the headliner will always perform a riffaciously fun and memorable set that achieves top five status in one’s annual list of best concertgoing experiences.

Unlike last summer’s sold out co-headliner tour with Napalm Death, the veteran looney tunes riff rock trio were solely accompanied by the streetcleaner-heavy Brooklyn duo and Ipecac labelmates Spotlights. While some may decry the band’s lack of live percussion, the precise massiveness of its guitar-and-bass attack delivery was a joy to witness – not everyone gets it right when using prerecorded drums in performance but Spotlights clearly know their tech – every drop was pristinely timed and synced to the performers, who dutifully monitored each others’ execution and maintained the onslaught of rigid Godflesh-like riffage accompanied by impressively harmonious washes of shoegazey guitar treatments. Similar to the textures heard on Ipecac supergroup Palms’ first record, Spotlights approaches heavy music with a dynamic, emotional perspective in mind yet giving pride of place to devastatingly catchy rhythms. Observe “Learn to Breathe” from the band’s forthcoming release Seismic and inhale deeply:

Melvins delivered a polished set of classic tunes and highlights from their just-released full-length, “A Walk with Love and Death”. Largely dispensing with interim chatter, the trio pitched one home run after another, beginning and ending with slow-burner tracks from “Lysol” and repeatedly dipping into the most recent discography additions. If there is one non-festival touring show to check out this summer, this is it. Now, on to the photos!

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