Imbolc 2016: Songs Between the Seasons

Throughout human history our ancestors marked the passage of time according to simple, observable patterns: day gave way to night as surely as spring led to summer led to autumn led to winter. The corresponding cycles of life and death may seem to us as though they would have been more tangible then – a hard winter or contagious illness is not as likely to decimate an entire population in modern times, for instance – but, as biological creatures, we are not immune to mortality (at least, not yet – some scientists would have us believe that death has a cure.)

Imbolc 2016

Imbolc 2016

At the mid-way point between winter solstice and the spring equinox, Imbolc (pronounced, “i’molg”) provides us with an opportunity to once again take stock as the days slowly begin to lengthen and darkness recedes: the sun begins to warm the earth and prompt the first stirrings of life beneath the surface which slowly wrestle away from gravity and grope towards the light

Our lives do the same: old habits still hang on, but we sense that change is possible and begin to shake off the husks of old patterns – adapt or die! – and so, today we present a mix that encapsulates the conflicted resonance of the bleak midseason.

Track listing:

1. Dead When I Found Her – Gathering Fear

2. Western Skies Motel – Flickering

3. Pil & Bue – No is the Answer

4. Aevangelist – Gatekeepers Scroll

5. Deutsch Nepal – To the Earth

6. Tyranny – Preparation of a Vessel

7. Dronny Darko – Electrical Membrane

8. Bog – Serpents Altar

9. Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Not a Daughter

10. Bianca Casady & the C.i.A. – Roadkill

11. God Body Disconnect – Lost in the Astral World

12. Mára – The Gift of Life