Hexxing Time: A Playlist for Hexxennacht/Beltane 2016

Commemorating Hexxennacht/Beltane 2016

Human beings endow the concept of time with immense significance and an underlying foundation of most civilizations is the practice of marking its passage in one form or another, from the change of seasons to the movement of stars across the sky.

Arguably, Hexxennacht (more commonly known as Walpurgisnacht after St. Walpurga, but we are happy to dispense with that association) and the Celtic calendar’s Beltane are one and the same: so named for its connection to folklore surrounding the pagan celebration that marks the midpoint between spring equinox and summer solstice, Hexxennacht is the dark shadow of Beltane’s welcome regard for the coming of summer.

Of course, time is also a key component of music, which marks the patterned procession of rhythm and melody in much the same fashion as the seasons ebb and flow from one to the next. Somewhere between the cold darkness of winter and the intensity of the summer sun, this Hexxennacht/Beltane playlist takes an overview of stylistic and thematic musical extremes without dwelling too long in any one place. Enjoy!


Gnaw Their Tongues – Lick the Poison from the Cave Walls
Cult of Luna w/ Julie Christmas – Approaching Transition
So Hideous – Relinquish
Medevil – A Sacrifice
Ufomammut – Temple
Finite – Conversion to the Cult of the Scythe
Mirrors for Psychic Warfare – Oracles Hex
Mortichnia – Heir
Kafirun – Destruction of the Divine Self
Children in Paradise – I Will Follow
Jeremy Flower – This Paradise
Xibalba – Enemigo
Valborg – Comtesse
Schammasch – Metanoia
Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre
Gnaw Their Tongues – Up Into the Heavens Down Into the Circles of Hell