Gig Review: Nerd Fest Queen Morgan Zentner at KAMELOT

Gig Review: Nerd Fest Queen Morgan Zentner at KAMELOT

As promised, special guest reviewer and Vancouver Nerd Fest organizer Morgan Zentner here pens her account of last week’s show:

With Nerd Fest just finishing its fifth year, Vancouver’s music community was hit with yet more epic fantasy-themed music at the Dragonforce/Kamelot show at the Vogue Theatre. The sound was fantastic and the venue was absolutely perfect for this all-ages show – it was nice to see some of the young bloods make it out and this made for an electrifying atmosphere with some of the happiest-looking moshers I have seen since Blind Guardian rolled through town.

Dragonforce, axe corps.

Dragonforce, axe corps.

Being apprehensive about Dragonforce at first, I had to really allow myself to be open and partial to their performance. They have a bit of a reputation for not always delivering live what they do on their albums and things were not looking good as their first song started on a rather shaky note, which made me feel like the front of the stage was trying to catch up with the back of the stage. However, after a few minutes they seemed to really find their groove and it settled in to be one of the most memorable performances that I have ever seen with this band.

The crowd (including myself) went crazy for “Through the Fire and Flames”, and it was hard to tell who was more on fire, the musicians or the audience. Speaking of fire, towards the end of the set they came out with an up-tempo rendition of “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. Though I am still on the fence about their take on the song, I can honestly respect the attempt at recreating such an iconic tune, and to see my fellow metal heads thrash to a Cash song was definitely an experience.

Getting a bird's eye view from the Kamelot ramparts.

Getting a bird’s eye view from the Kamelot ramparts.

Kamelot was the band I was the most excited about for the night. This being their very first time in Vancouver, I knew it would be a show to remember and they definitely did not disappoint.

Playing many crowd favorites such as “Karma”, “Center of the Universe” and my personal favorite, “Forever” (little known fact, the melody is taken from “Solveig’s Song”, written by Norwegian composer Edvard Greig, from the incidental music of a play called Peer Gynt), Kamelot’s set was by far one of the best I have ever witnessed.

Kamelot vocalist, Tommy Karevik

Kamelot vocalist, Tommy Karevik

Their playing and execution of the music was perfection, stage presence was flawless and their latest singer, Tommy Karevik, is by far one of the best power metal vocalists I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live. He has a range that most could only dream of and he captivated the crowd in a way that could only be compared to that of the great Devin Townsend.

Let us all hope this isn’t the last time we will get to see this amazing and incredibly professional group of musicians grace our stages in Vancouver!


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Morgan Zentner_01.JPG

Morgan Zentner (center), presiding at Nerd Fest V

Aside from penning the occasional review and holding court at Nerd Fest, Morgan Zentner is a classical musician (Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, Kamloops Symphony Orchestra and the Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra) and master craftsperson at Morgan’s Pillows.