Bestial Spring (Sculpture: "Winged Lion-Woman", by Joan Miriam Adams)

For the Love of Wolves (and Goats): Lupercalia Playlist 2016

February wasn’t always about hearts and romance: in ancient Rome, people celebrated Lupercalia as a means to exorcise evil and invite fertility. It was a festival marked by the sacrifice of goats and wolves (well, dogs anyway, but it’s the thought that counts), with men dressed in goatskins running through the streets to slap the hands of women who sought blessings for pregnancy. Here are a few songs for a beastly, visceral celebration of mortality and vitality.

Bestial Spring (Sculpture: "Winged Lion-Woman", by Joan Miriam Adams)

Bestial Spring (Sculpture: “Winged Lion-Woman”, by Joan Miriam Adams)

(Note to B.C. readers: a number of the artists included have local shows scheduled within the next three months. Keep an eye out for Slaughterhauser, Bog, Author & Punisher, and So Hideous.)


Wooden Stake – Dead Winter Resurrection
Dead Asylum – Forgotten Sacrifice
Fuck the Facts – Prey
Extreme Noise Terror – Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing
Dragged into Sunlight/Gnaw Their Tongues – Strangled with the Cord
Slaughterhauser – Wolves Among the Sheep
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Gnaw
Steve Von Till – Night of the Moon
Warhorse – Dusk
Black Claw – Where I Was Found
Bog – Bowser
Demon Lung – Mark of Jubilee
Author & Punisher – Callous and Hoof
Valborg – The Haunted Womb
Flowers for Bodysnatchers – The Games Foxes Play
So Hideous – A Faint Whisper