Exclusive: A Black Metal Walpurgisnacht 2018 (Photo Gallery)

Exclusive: A Black Metal Walpurgisnacht 2018 (Photo Gallery)


Walpurgisnacht begins!

Traditionally a festival commemorating the mass warding against witchcraft during the Middle Ages, German folklore proclaimed it Hexxennacht (“Witches Night”), during which dark rituals were thought to occur in the region of forested hills between the Weser and Elbe rivers. As a night when conflicting ideologies clashed, the reclamation of Walpurgisnacht for arcane incantations seems only fitting in the modern era, when so many ostensibly righteous contemporary value systems are constantly at odds with one another.

This is the second year we’ve shot a photo feature for Walpurgisnacht and, although we had slightly fewer participants this time (no wonder, given the state of Vancouver’s housing market and exorbitant cost of living), shooting at Green Timbers Urban Forest in Surrey was a much more immersive experience for everyone involved.

Additionally, participants were encouraged to arbitrarily model their gestures on Thelemic ritual postures and the additional layers of signification effectively captured the spirit of the event with a genuine sense of occult mystery and awe.

Thanks again to everyone involved in making this project a truly magickal event – and especially to our makeup artist Jackie San Juan for her corpsepainting skills.

\m/ Hails! \m/