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You can also follow along on Facebook, TwitterTumblr, and Instagram. Or, if you prefer email, contact us via: info at factoryworkermedia dot com.

CREATORS: We do accept submissions for review (preferably digital, please), however if your band just released new material today and you’d like to see a review posted tomorrow, that’s not going to happen – a recording deserves to be experienced several times in different contexts for a listener to fully absorb its contents; three weeks or more is ideal (i.e. at least two weeks for listening and one for reviewing) so that your work can be fully digested and written about over a period of days rather than hours. Like it or not, quality writing takes longer to produce than a tweet.

If you would like to see your work considered for inclusion in one of our playlists, please include a link to downloadable audio files.

WRITERS: We are not currently accepting submissions, not because we don’t like you, but because we would like to be able to PAY you. Bring us advertisers along with your writing samples and we’ll talk.

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