GRIDFAILURE "Snuff Haus" graphic by Dave Brenner

After the End of the World: GRIDFAILURE (Exclusive Track Premiere!) – “Cut the Hard Line”

GRIDFAILURE "Snuff Haus" graphic by Dave Brenner

GRIDFAILURE “Snuff Haus” (graphic by David Brenner)

Returning home from shows through the cold concrete bowels of suburbia late at night, one is often reminded of the Brutal Truth track, “It’s After the End of the World”, which asks, “It’s after the end of the world; don’t you know that yet?” David Brenner’s industrial dark ambient project Gridfailure is a chilling answer.

Today we have the honour of introducing the world to “Cut the Hard Line,” a track from the upcoming Gridfailure album Scathed, due out next Friday 2 June.

It doesn’t take much to imagine the aftermath of an apocalyptic disaster while listening to Brenner’s caustic and haunting industrial noise landscapes – the auditory miasma is like the sound of a man-made satellite continuing its orbit around a postapocalyptic earth, transmitting disembodied missives into the ether on ghost-inhabited frequencies. Over the past couple of years Brenner has issued several releases under the Gridfailure moniker, beginning with Ensuring the Bloodline Ends Here and impressively succeeded by the textured whorls now evident on Scathed’s alternate dimensions.

While we remain ardent fans of both dark ambient and death industrial, Gridfailure distinguishes itself as an apparition that skirts both genres in a style most reminiscent of several noteworthy releases on Relapse Records’s short-lived Desolation House imprint, which served as a showcase for similarly dark experimental projects. Brenner relies on a kaleidoscopic sound palette of concrète object-derived samples, feedback, droning static and tunnel-like resonances occasionally punctuated by distant guttural mutterings and howls – this is not your wierdo dad’s dark ambient music, but something darker and vaguely prescient in its rendering of manufactured electronic and amplified sounds as a dense field of spirits trapped between the material world and whatever realms may exist beyond our limited senses in the aftermath of anthropocene extinction.

You can preorder Scathed here, ahead of the album’s release next Friday 2 June.
Without further ado, have a listen to “Cut the Hard Line”: